Ask our clients what made them choose Balance Project


Ask our clients what made them choose Balance Project and you’re likely to hear many different answers. There is one thing they will all agree on; Balance Project delivers results.

As an entrepreneur my time is limited and how I utilize that time is important. In any given week I am on the move daily; meeting with new clients, showing homes, chauffeuring my sons to and from hockey, lacrosse and soccer. I simply don’t have the time for additional tasks or interruptions into my day. I hired Balance Project to take on my weekly errands. I email a list in advance to ensure my week ahead is free for work, family and clients. Our fridge and pantry are well stocked (having three active teenage sons this is essential!), errands are accomplished (skates taken in for sharpening, client gifts purchased, dry cleaning picked up, deliveries made, house organized, wine stocked). Anything and everything on my weekly list are completed. Balance Project is the most valuable asset I have to ensuring my weekends and evenings are productive, giving me time to enjoy my sons’ games, meet a new client and relax with a glass of wine. Thanks so much for being my dependable support system.

Steve, Langley BC

We are the typical modern family. Two full-time working parents, two children and a doggy. My spouse works longer days than me and at times must travel for work. I felt overwhelmed with our erratic and hectic schedule. We race from school to after school activities, playdates, drop offs and pick ups… Dinners were late or take out and fast food. School and homework projects. Don’t forget to walk the dog! Late nights and early mornings. Weekends consisting of laundry, cleaning, birthday parties, groceries, errands. Go, go, go……. only to repeat the pattern the next week! Who can relate?! I was feeling overwhelmed, resentful, and guilty. I missed catching up with friends, going to the gym and taking care of myself. I was a frazzled mom who seemed to be growing short tempered by the day. Balance Project did just that - balanced our exceedingly busy family. I hired them 4hours weekly. Wow! 4hours may not seem like much, but it’s amazing what a personal assistant can do for your family a few hours a week. I don’t have to grocery shop or put away the groceries. I don’t go out searching for birthday gifts and cards. Our dog is walked twice weekly. Extra errands? I place that on my to do list too. I have time to spend “quality” time with my children, meeting girlfriends for coffee and I’m even starting to hit the gym. Balance Project is a small price to pay for “me time” My husband would say a Happy wife leads to a Happier Life. Thank you for all that you do! So happy we have you in our life!!!

Chris and Lisa M.

Fantastic for this modern age! Wish this service was around sooner.

Mark. G

Balance Project helped in creating a smooth transition after my separation. Being a full-time working mom and dealing with a move. I was beyond stressed and exhausted. Relief arrived when a friend recommended Balance Project. I instantly felt ease knowing I could trust Balance Project to tackle my BIG request. They put my house in order, un packed, organized and even made a list of the essential items that I no longer had. Which I then hired them to shop for. Balance Project made our new house feel like a home. Their professionalism and grace from inquiry to execution and taking care of all the fine details in between allowed me to focus on myself and my children. Thank you for helping me manage through and being such a positive light.


As a business owner Winter is our busiest season. Trying to pull together my annual client and staff appreciation gifts at the end of the year was becoming a stressful chore. The thought of handing over the task to staff was certainly going to cost me hours of lost productivity. I was excited to be able to send off my list of needs and requirements to Balance Project. From sourcing to purchase, gift wrap to the delivery of my client appreciation gifts. A total success! I will be using Balance Project in the future. Thank you!