About Us

Time is such a precious commodity in life.

About Us

Trisha Snider  |  Founder

Time is such a precious commodity in life. Yet for many of us, working hard to create the life we envisioned and tackling our “to-do” list, leaves us with little time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

I created Balance Project, to do just that, add balance to your life and give back what you value most, TIME. So, by the end of the day, you have enough hours to enjoy what matters to you most.

With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality and customer service industry my love for helping others has driven my business and creative pursuits. I have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced some amazing career paths in my life. From make-up artist and fashion stylist to personal trainer and life coach. From managing in house employees to working in guest services. I pride myself on attention to detail and anticipating the needs of my clients. I understand first hand the trials and tribulations of balancing family and home and the unique challenges for today’s professionals and modern families. I also understand that time is money and getting the job right the first time is important.

Our Mission is to deliver excellent service with tailored solutions to simplify the lives of our clients. By allowing us to expertly handle your “to-do” list we give back what you value most, so you can perform your best, grow your business, enjoy time with family and friends or simply have the time for self care.